What you can (and cannot) do on this site, and how!

This new CTTALumni site is built on Word Press technology. (The previous site was built on proprietary technology and is now obsolete because it works only in Internet Explorer, though in many ways it offered more functionality than the new stuff..)

The site is available to all the public, for basic reading (including searching by Categories) on any computer and device. That should include mobile phones.For more than basic reading, you have to be a member. You become a member by filling out a short form, available under “Register” in the Login Panel, below right side. Membership is open to all ex-CTT/ITB staff. When you send the form in it will be reviewed briefly by your Editor (moi) and, if it is decided that the form is a genuine application it it will be accepted and activated, as soon as possible.
Members are currently enabled to provide Comments at the bottom of “posts” (these short articles) and also to Upload images to  the image Galleries. 

To find a Gallery, just click on “Galleries” at the top of the page. To find where to make a comment, click on Comment at the bottom of a post. If you do not see it, you must click on the title of the post and then it reopens on its own page and you will find the Comment form there. (We welcome loads of comments please!)

The previous technology permitted members to store (and then share) documents on the site. This new technology does not offer that facility but the best way to do this, in general, is to get a free account from Dropbox.com and store documents there. (Of course its insecure so to secure those documents you should try Netsso.com, where all documents on Dropbox – and other links- can be click-encrypted and then shared if needed) (Disclosure: Editor moi makes Netsso)(The documemnt service is not yet generally released so Contact me if you want to use it)

The old service also had a Chat function. Members could set up a private chat with other members, when online together. It may be possible to add such a service to this site. We are willing to investigate the possibility and report back..but only if enough members want it ! We have a group chat facility on LinkedIn (CTT Group) which , frankly, nobody uses, so I think we will abandon it.  But a chat closely connected to this site might be more convenient. All you would have to do is sign up as a member and then it should be available to you.

So, if 10–that’s all !- only 10- members use the Comment at the bottom of this post to inform us that they would like us to investigate this possibility, we’ll do so. So, please Comment !