What are they doing now – H.E Ambassador David Doyle

At 66 years old, David Doyle is enjoying his second, or perhaps, his third career.
After some 40 plus years in France, David is still professionally active as a diplomat, living near Paris, with his Belgian-born wife, Pascale.

How he got to being assigned to, and retained in, Paris, is a long story!

David started his career at CTT in Dublin back in November 1974, straight out of university and went in to serve at the CTT office in Paris mid-1975 to end 1977. “I worked with David Strahan, Bernard Rogan and the late Damon Pollard, at an exciting time in CTT’s quest to diversify trade promotion efforts away from one over-reliant export market”.

His career after CTT Paris took David on a journey over the ensuing 37 years as a diplomat to a number of International Organisations, spanning the OECD, the European Parliament and, more recently, UNESCO.

He currently serves as the Ambassador and Permanent Delegate of the Caribbean state of St. Christopher (St. Kitts) & Nevis to UNESCO – a Commonwealth small island developing state, independent since 1983.

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After serving at the Paris-based OECD for over 20 years – where he met his wife Pascale – he moved to a role as Secretary of the financial services working party of the MEP-led Kangaroo Group at the European Parliament. David’s association with St. Kitts and Nevis was triggered following his introduction to the country’s Prime Minister passing through Paris on an official visit. Sharing a dual English-French colonial legacy – France and England fought for control over St Kitts for centuries, finally ceding the territory to the UK in 1713 – the twin-island state now sought diplomatic representation in France.
And the rest, as the man says, is history!

In 2006, the government of St. Kitts and Nevis appointed David as its honorary consul to France, evolving over time to Permanent Delegate to UNESCO, also based in Paris, and in 2013, he was raised to the rank of Ambassador to UNESCO.

“Aside from my years at CTT, this role is one of the most rewarding of my career”, says David.

He manoeuvred within UNESCO to raise the profile of St. Kitts and Nevis, and the other small island developing states (SIDS) of the Caribbean, Pacific and Indian Ocean at UNESCO. He is the Founding Chairman of the SIDS Committee of Representatives to UNESCO, and also facilitates a dialogue between Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) on behalf of the Eastern Caribbean Embassy in Brussels, focused on building a better understanding of the Caribbean States’ needs in terms of technical expertise and funding from the EU.

“Mitigating climate change, preserving cultural heritage and bosting youth education are typically the key issues that I focus my time on”, says David.

He continues to sit on the Kangaroo Group board in Brussels, and also on the board of directors of the joint UK cross-parliamentary (small to medium-sized enterprises) SME group, The Genesis Initiative (Westminster), in London. The SME advocacy role won him Doctorate of Business Administration honoris causa from Kingston University (UK), “in recognition of his contribution to European policy development for the growth and sustainability of small businesses”, in 2004.

David also put pen to paper to author a few books, notably, Cost Control—A Strategic Guide (CIMA/Elsevier: London, 1994 and 2002) which was translated into 17 foreign languages, as well as contributing EU chapters to The Future of Finance after SEPA (Wiley: London, 2008), and A Practical Guide to Corporate Governance (Sweet & Maxwell: London, 2010 and 2014).

And what does he do for fun? “I play golf, with a less than flattering handicap!”
He took up sailing earlier this year having secured my motor boat driving licence in France. “My wife Pascale was more relaxed about me piloting a boat around the Greek islands this summer!”

Where are you thinking of settling after 40 + years in a diplomatic role?

“For the moment, most certaintly in Paris, where our eldest daughter lives with her husband and son. “More recently, taking more time off to travel with Pascale, improve my golf handicap and discover the pleasures of sailing around the Mediterranean …but no plans yet to hang up my boots.”

David had no difficulty in reviving the enthusiasm of his CTT days, when Enterprise Ireland approached him two years ago to talk at client events on the topic of Brexit and implications for industry, in Dublin, and another at the Irish Embassy in London.
“I was back on the job”, jokes David, “a bit like a maturing secret agent, you never really retire!

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