Trade Mission to Deutschland delivers rich rewards

The trade Mission-critical group meeting

The trade Mission-critical group meeting

Guest Post by Dr. John F. McGuire

In a superbly organised concerted swoop in the final days of September, generals of the CTT Alumni Association made a surprise visit to Deutschland, more fondly known as the Mutterland to the Germans or as the Mammyland to the Irish . The degree of surprise was so great that Mammy, Angela was unable to get down to Munchen from Berlin to greet Indy’s official delegation.

It was a true broadside European assault on the Bavarian Capital with Dad’s Army led by ACE O’Doherty, assisted by Field Marshals McHenry and McGuire flying in from Ireland, supported by Coke the Poke, Coakley arriving on a Spitfire from London. The circle was completed by a quartet of huebsche Maedchen consisting of Elisabeth Siefer (and husband Rainer) and Gaby Luebbe coming from the North from Cologne and Dusseldorf, Marlies Kurtz coming south from Madrid and Katrin Peitz (and son Alex) coming west from Nice.
The magnet to bring all of this circle of friends together from the corners of Europe was the lovely Grita Seidl with amazing husband Willi and charming son Carsten. With the precision of a brain surgeon, local agent Grita and her team put an amazing programme together from the second the invaders landed to the second they left ……. thank Gott, they are gone! ……. joke! ……. maybe not!
Having left Indyland at the unearthly hour of 7.20 on the morning of Monday 29 September, it did not take much convincing to get the weary travellers re-energised with a hearty plate of Wurst washed down with copious amount of the local brew sitting outside in beautiful sunshine in a little courtyard off the Marienplatz. From here, we discussed the opportunities for the export of Irish little pinky sausages but quickly came to the conclusion …… nah chance. We spent somewhat more time considering the opportunity for the export of Irish lager and after much deliberation and many tastings, we came to the same conclusion ….. na chance.
Fortified by a good lunch, the lovely Grita brought us on a Spaziergang through the city centre where we got a quick Uberblick of all the main sights. On the Marienplatz, we admired the wonderful Rathaus with its famous Glockenspiel and waved to the Burgermeister. We admired Munich’s landmark Fruenkirche which dates back to 1240 and said a few prayers for export success in St Peter’s Church.

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