The passing of three former colleagues, friends, great people

As time marches on, it seems we receive news more frequently of former colleagues who have

passed through to the better place. Sadly,in the recent few weeks, we have had such reason to

remember Sally Scott, Paddy Jordan and Maureen Frawley


 Sally Scott was widely loved and admired, both in her many years in CTT/ Head Office and later, as a

regular attendee of Alumni events. The following memorial is supplied by Marjorie McHenry, Anne

Kennedy and Nancy Downes:

Sally came to CTT when the Whiskey Campaign was launched (early 1960s).  Sean Gallagher was in

charge and Biddie Greene was involved.  Sally worked to Biddie for the campaign.  They got on

so well that Sally, Biddie, Nancy and Clodagh Doyle planned a ski holiday together.  They were

invited up to Sally’s mother’s house every Sunday to prepare for the holiday where they

practised their moves and knitted fairisle jumpers.  Unfortunately Sean was unable to let

Biddie take the  time off, so they went without her.  Arriving in Kitzbuehl, they were treated

like VIPs in the hotel because Peter Needham, then CTT-Germany manager got wind of their plans

and sent a case of wine to the hotel.  Also a beautiful bunch of flowers arrived for Clodagh

from an anonymous admirer (so she said and then marred him).
Sally worked for Michael Clarke for many years.  She also worked for Sheila Hussey and Martin

Sheridan and later with Gerry O’Brien and Paula Keogh – tied into the Exhibitions Department

headed by Percy Lovegrove. Here she showed real CTT spirit – get the show on the road no  matter

Her love for her “boys” (her three poodles) was well known.  At the Summer barbeque when

talking to Marie Gill and Nancy, she announced she was going to get a new dog – her three walks

a day were auspicious, as her friends in the neighbourhood missed her and raised the alarm. Sally knew the local business people well – she useto bring around Christmas lunch for the

guys who had to work in her local garage!  Sally was a “real trooper”


Paddy Jordan joined CTTY in 1963 and was posted to the New York office to work under Dan

Scully. Fintan Keogh worked with him there and tells me:

“Paddy and I shared a small office in the Irish Consulate building, 33 E 50th street. Our boss was

“Mr. Scully.”  Paddy and I shared a broad portfolio of product sectors. . I don’t know how successful

we were but we spent happy times together. He loved to pull the odd prank not least on our exceedingly

tolerant boss !

I can’t recall dates but Paddy then moved back to Dublin and must have been one of the first

into Paris for a few years before moving up to Brussels office. After 3/4 years he was back in

Dublin and later joined Lissadel Towels. He then moved to CII after about 4/5 years.He made his

mark in the Food and Drinks section and of course was instrumental in getting CII companies to

sponsor young graduates to gain work experience and language skills across Europe.

Paddy was an accomplished pianist and church organist”


For those who haven’t already seen it, an obituray appeared in last weeks Irish Times. Here is

a link to it, but apologies for the reproduction. and right-click to choose Rotate to read it




Maureen Frawley worked in our New York office from the late 1970s to, I believe, the nineties.

She was alsways the smiling, helpful and modest member of staff (and totally reliable and

efficient). One of those people you love to have on a team and who seems able to absorb any

stress calmly and pleasantly. At the time, I was aware that Maureen had a connection to the

theatre/ acting profession, but she never talked about it, never promoted herself. But in fact,

Maureen was an accomplished musician, a gold-medal winning  singer at an early age, a choirist,

with the Pan-Am and other choirs, an actress, on famous stages and, along with her husband

Bernard, a performer and collaborator with some of the greatest personalities in theatre in 

the US and elsewhere for most of her life. (Thanks to Biddy Greene for help with this)


This was described beautifully in her eulogy by her daughter Oonagh, at her burial in Blainroe,

Co. Wicklow recently. A copy of it is placed in our archive, and you can access it via this


We rememebr them with sadness and joy. May they rest in peace. RIP.