Splendid Gala weekend, everyone delighted ..

It was a really great weekend, for a large gathering of former colleagues and some spouses.

Visitors came from Belgium, Germany and other countries. Dozens attended the various activities, golf, tennis, culture tours, brunches and dinners, with the Gala Dinner on Saturday night being booked to the capacity number of 150 at the Thomas Prior Hall in Ballsbridge. Our collection of images taken by participants during the weekend is now open for additions and can be viewed under the Galleries link above.

Comments from participants can be added to this post by clicking the post title and finding the comments window at the bottom of the text. (Members only). Please let us know your views and also any suggestions about a follow up event of any sort, for coming years. And keep in touch with former colleagues with whom, undoubtedly, old friendships were renewed during the Gala weekend.