Our new website

This site is made with Word Press technology, which your editor hopes he will be able to handle. (In fact, he invites someone to take over .. Any offers?) It’s the worlds leading blog technology and this site is essentially a blog, providing news of the Alumni Assn. and its events and hopefully news of some of the current primary major activities and interests of former colleagues in CTT.

We’ll try to post something new every week or so. If you want to be notified about new posts, or comment on posts, you must be a registered “member” of the site .. That’s a member of the Site, not a member of the Alumni Association, but in fact membership of the site is open only to ex-CTT persons. To register please click the link on the right sidebar.  It takes seconds .. just enter your name, username – pick one recognisable to colleagues ! – , email address (not for publication) and say when and where you were in CTT. You’ll get immediate entry but if you’re not authenticated later you might find yourself booted out!. (The old site is still available for a while if you need to take your documents off it. Go to http://old.cttalumni.com)