John McLoughlin R.I.P.

  We are sad to receive the news of the recent passing of former CTT man John McLoughlin.

John was a highly qualified Civil Engineer, with superb overseas experience (Saudi Arabia) before he joined CTT’s new International Services Department in 1983.
His relevant experience contributed to the very high regard in which he was held by CTT’s clients in this area, for whom he could provide vital assistance as an  experienced engineer. He was highly respected by Ireland’s largest exporters in his field, helping many companies with prequalification and bid preparation for overseas projects, and at least one major exporter bid for a large civil works project in Libya.

He was a very valued colleague as he was knowledgeable in a technical field which CTT was only entering at the time. John is well remembered and much appreciated by his CTT colleagues, particularly those with whom he worked closely in the Services area.

We extend deep condolences to his children and their families.