Great Nostalgia Night

It really was good. Held after the AGM, with an attendance of c. 60 ex colleagues, upstairs in the Merrion…very well organised by Barbara and Marjorie…The association donated a free drink to get everybody started, so to speak, and many then went on quite a long time. Quite correctly too because some had come a long way for the event.

There was a very good turnout from overseas, including Katrin Bernhardt and her husband Wolfgang Pietz from Germany and Anthony and Monica Cooney- haven’t aged a day !- Anne Tormey from the Cote d’Azure, Helmut Klissman from Germany and the Cote d’Azure and Katrin also has a house in Grasse, Cote-d’Azure…hey !- what’s the story on the Cote d’Azure…is it fashionable or something?…Maybe we need to form a branch there and meet up yearly for a week or two and take in the beach at Cannes, dine among the tall pines of the hills around Grasse and join the locals in their midnight opera singing (- for that’s what they do, believe me !) Great too to see Paul Sheridan all the way from Australia…Sorry, Paul, about the rugby result the following day.  I probably missed a few, as I was tucking into excellent food- really good and great value!. I just have a couple of photos, to give yall the flavour. Never mind the quality, feel the flavour.