AGM year 2016

A large group of members- many on their way to participate in Nostalgia Nite- attended the annual AGM held this year in an upstairs private room at the M1- Merrion Inn.

The Treasurers Accounts and Report for the Year was approved and adopted by the assembly, as it shows a continuing small surplus in spite of some small subsidies of members costs in attending some events during the previous 12 months. As a reward for his prudent management of the association’s financial resources, Dr. John McGuire had his term in office extended for a further year.

In the course of his wide-ranging and inspiring address to the meeting, our President appealed to wayward members to renew their commitment and especially their annual subscriptions of only €25 euros- €15 for overseas colleagues- preferably by bank standing order dated January each year. He also invited members to send in their ideas for  new activities to be organised under the auspices of the association, even specialist ideas., not necessarily appealing to a wide memebrship- such as poker nights- and not even involving physical meet ups- such as Book Clubs. As most of us get older – indeed most of us do – its important and healthy to keep socially engaged in activities of the sort which our association can organise or sponsor. In thinking of ideas, remember its the internet age and quite a lot of useful activity can be organised on-line, not even obliging you to get out of bed. Not surprisingly after a speech like that President Frank O’Conor received a standing ovation and his term of office was extended indefinately.