A bit of Culture – Visit to Hugh Lane Gallery


A maximum of 3o members are invited to join the Alumni Visit to the Hugh Lane Gallery, Parnell Square North  to view the collection of contemporary art and receive a lecture on one of Irelands greatest stained glass artists, Harry Clarke

Venue is the gallery, at 11.00 a.m. Thursday, October 15. The programme will commence with a private lecture on stained glass and Harry Clarke and a study of his famous piece, The Eve of St. Agnes. This will be provided by the gallery’s Deputy Curator, Jessica O’Donnell, who will afterwards lead our group on a tour of the gallery’s collection of stained glass and other works in other media. The programme will finish at c. 12.30, after which some members of our group may decide to stay on for a light lunch. Price is a fiver per person, which may be handed to organiser Brian O’Doherty on the day, and lunch is for your own account.

In case numbers will be a problem, you are asked to book early, by emailing Brian@Netsso.com as soon as possible. The first 27 emails from paid up members will be accepted !.