2018 AGM Dinner report

There was a reasonably good turnout of members of the Alumni Association for the combined Annual General Meeting and Nostalgia Nite at the Merrion Inn on November 30. Thirty four attendees enjoyed excellent food and a lot of fun at this Marjorie McHenry-organised event. It was good to welcome overseas ex-colleagues from Germany, Austria and Australia, all looking fine and healthy!

Treasurer, Dr. John McGuire gave a report on the association’s financial situation, which is reasonably healthy, though in need of some booster subscriptions from members. The report was approved by the assembled members.

Chairman Frank O’Conor gave a stirring and inspiring speech, in which he reviewed the highlights of the year. Philip Regan retired from the committee and Chris Wood rejoined it. We are glad to reproduce Franks speech below, only slightly edited for GDPR reasons

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Address to the 29th AGM of the C T T Alumni ( 30/11/18 )

Dear friends, welcome on behalf of your Alumni Committee to this our 29th. A G M of your Alumni. It is hard ( and somewhat scary ) to realise how quickly the years have flown since the Alumni was established in 1989 and even now we have memories of such stalwarts as Sean Condon, Bill O’Brien and others walking into this hostelry which holds so many happy ( if sometimes hazy ) memories for all of us!
Before moving on can I ask you to stand for a moment to remember those who are no longer with us including :

Kevin Neligan
Pamela Murphy
Chris’ Woods wife Peggy – a staunch supporter of our Alumni

May they all rest in peace and please, please forgive me if I have omitted anyone

We extend a particularly warm welcome to our Irish and non-Irish colleagues who have flown in from distant parts to be with us tonight :
Tony and Monica Cooney from Deutschland
The newly weds Ciaran & Timea Coakley also from Deutschland
Eudes Brophy from Austria
Elizabeth Dohrmann again from Germany
May you have a great catch-up evening and wonderful reunions with your families and friends while you are here.

Your Committee organised a number of activities during the year :
* A very enjoyable, interesting visit to Carton House at Maynooth University organised by Rose Mary Craig.
* A wonderful lunch and afternoon on the Grand Canal organised by Marjorie and Julian
* Our regular Golf competition arranged by John McGuire which was won by John Lennon
* Tonight’s Nostalgia Night – the cultural highlight of our year – superbly organised by Marjorie
And while they were reasonably well supported, the numbers, frankly, could have been greater. As I said in my last two addresses as your Chairman, we would ask that all members make a special effort to attend as many as possible. It is extremely disheartening for us, as a Committee, and for those who go to a lot of trouble to organise these bonding, catch-up occasions, to see the limited number of Alumni members who bother to turn out. As I’ve said before, we always welcome ideas for new events – please do let us have your ideas in the next few weeks before you forget !
You will be glad to learn that your current Committee has agreed to stay on for another year though, sadly, we are losing Philip Regan whose global travels make it impossible for him to play a full part in the Committee’s work. Philip, we thank you for your sage advice and support during the year. May I call for a proposer and seconder please to re-elect your august Committee. We do have room for another member or 2. If you wish to join us please talk to any Committee member this evening.

Before handing over to our own Pascal Donoghue, AKA John McGuire, may I express my sincere thanks, on your behalf, to my fellow Committee colleagues – John, Marjorie, Brian, Philip, Julian, Lorraine and Rose Mary – for their herculean efforts in keeping YOUR Alumni on the road. A special thanks to Brian who travels to join our deliberations all the way from Dun na Gall and who also manages and updates our Alumni website.

Many thanks John and sincere thanks for all your hard work in keeping us solvent throughout all these years.

I referred last year to the wonderful initiative by Colum McDonnell in arranging for a new technology called EYE GAZE to be made available to our dear colleague Catherine Ivory and funded by your subscriptions. That initiative, ably assisted by John McGuire, has been very successful and has greatly assisted Catherine. Colum and John, our sincere congratulations and thanks.

I mentioned Brian O’Doherty’s work on the development and management of our Alumni website which he updates on a regular basis particularly after an event and when he has been provided with pictures. Thank you Brian for all your work in this area.

As I can sense a need for food and drink amongst us I will conclude on a very serious note. As I mentioned, we are 29 years old as an Alumni which was founded in a burst of eagerness and enthusiasm. I fear that we may well end in a whimper if we do not see an increase in interaction by our members in terms of event ideas and event participation. Please play your part in keeping our Alumni active and relevant as otherwise we may not have many more Nostalgia Nights !!
Thank you for your patience and have a great evening.