Some Tips for new members

Tips iconWelcome to the new site. And, if you intend to Register as a member of the site please do so real soon, in order to gain instant entry. Because, to avoid too many spam registrations, we will have to switch to “moderated” entry rather soon, whereby your registration data has to be checked first by the editor, before you are granted entry. That might take many hours or even a day or so, because the site is not constantly monitored. The only qualification for entry is that you are ex-CTT/ABT

To change your entry password, you first enter, with the existing password, and then you will see “Howdy (your username)”. Hover over that and you will see Edit Profile and in there you will find the new password line. Make sure to scroll down further to “Save changes” after making any change.

As a member of the site you can upload to the Gallery. Your caption can be up to c. 25 words long. Make sure you mention names, datesĀ  place at least.